Who are we ?

NetCV has been active on the online CV creation activity since 2003, in France and abroad.
We are proud to provide you an innovative and professional service to create and broadcast your CV on Internet easily.
Several actors have been participating in NetCV since its creation. The founder is Antoine Leclercq, TELECOM Lille1 graduate. He carried out the entire conception, development and design of the site. Ahmad Saif Eddine, graduated from the same school, and deals with the users relationship in the Middle East. Hélène Christiaen is in charge of content management and partnerships development.


The recruitment market is evolving at a rapid pace. The evolution of technologies, user frame of mind and experiences is rendering obsolete the historical online recruitment solutions. The classic job boards haven't engaged strong changes in recent years, and instead installed commercial fights that force the jobseekers to multiply the number of CV he should deposit online.
Over the years, NetCV's mission has always been the same: innovate on the online recruitment market to provide jobseekers innovative services to create online resume.
Very attentive to the market, NetCV was improved regularly to ensure the its users' satisfaction .
NetCV fights for a standard CV format, and this is why we provide our users with different formats for exporting their CV (including PDF, HR-XML), so that their profiles can be imported in other applications.


Story of Antoine Leclercq, Creator of NetCV

Birth of an idea

NetCV has emerged for the first time in 2003 during my training as an engineer at TELECOM Lille1.
I had already published my resume online on my personal website (a Free "Personal Page" at the time) and I had developed a statistics module as a PHP to see who visited my CV and when.
When I spoke around me, I realized that people were really interested. The idea was innovative, never seen so far. This led me to push a little further my thoughts. Why not provide a site where anyone can simply create a CV on his/her personal web address? The concept was there.
After a few days of thinking and project's foundation defined, it needed a name ... Brainstorming session in action... After a few hours of thinking and discussion, the name was found: NetCV. Simple, effective, clear.

NetCV.ORG : 2003 - 2006

Birth of an online service

NetCV.ORG : 2003 - 2006
After a quick overview of domain names, I acquired NetCV.ORG and began developing the service.
I released a first version of NetCV.ORG at the end of October 2003. With a rudimentary but functional interface, NetCV.ORG quickly attracted interests among students and jobseekers.
I fixed bugs and updated regularly the service until 2006 and the site, originally developed in french, has been translated into 3 languages: English, Spanish and German.
But in more than 3 years, there has not been any major improvement because of a time issue as the development of NetCV was done exclusively in my spare time.

NetCV.FR : 2007 - 2008

Moving towards a better service

NetCV.FR : 2007 - 2008
It was only late 2006 that I decided to completely redesign the service to provide a tool with more features for jobseekers and recruiters.
I defined a new strategy for the service: to become the online CV reference on the Internet. Yes. Just that.
The positioning was there: professional and innovative.
On the technology side, I decided to develop the new version of NetCV using a new scalable, maintainable and powerful technology : the Symfony framework.
I started developing in 2007 and a first version of the service was open to the public in September after a closed beta test from June to September. NetCV.ORG became NetCV.FR for identity reasons.
New visual identity, PDF export, new CV templates, optimized search engine positioning and richer CV were the first improvements to the service which was first developed in french.

NetCV.COM : 2009 - ...

Professional and international service

NetCV.COM : 2009 - ...
Early 2009, NetCV.FR became NetCV.COM.
With the help of LetsCod, a development company specialized in Symfony, and Ahmad Saif Eddine, the site has been fully translated into English and will soon be in other languages. A new design in line with market expectations has been integrated and a Facebook application has been developed to enable users to easily broadcast their NetCV using their social network.
Further improvements are coming in 2009 that will be a year of great change for NetCV.COM with many developments and integration of new innovative services.

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