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  • Picture of Hélène Christiaen Hélène Christiaen Doctor of Pharmacy NetCV is a unique service for creating my CV online. I could create my resume in less than 10 minutes publish it on my own personal web address easily. Every week I receive detailed statistics of my CV and I can check the status of my applications accurately.
    Then I export my CV easily and I send it to the usual job boards.
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  • Picture of Alexandre Fossier Alexandre Fossier President of the AITL1 I found that employers were conducting research before hiring a candidate or even scheduling an interview. Putting a CV online on NetCV is the garantee of beeing listed on many search engines. Thanks to NetCV, my CV now appears first on the search engines when people search for my name which proves that I can manage my professional identity online. View CV

  • Picture of Cyrille Kriegel Cyrille Kriegel HEC & TL1 graduate I just wanted to thank NetCV for giving an important boost during my curriculum in Telecom Engineering. Indeed, my first experience abroad has been made possible in a way thanks to the quality of my CV immediately accessible online, and caught the attention of the company's HR managers. Today, any HR "google" the candidates and NetCV allows them to ensure a very good first impression. View CV

  • Picture of Antoine Leclercq Antoine Leclercq NetCV founder NetCV is dedicated to jobseekers but also more generally to people in professional standby (professional, entrepreneur, leader...). In a job market increasingly stressed, it is necessary for candidates to communicate permanently on their skills and experience, and to develop their professional network.

    NetCV allows you to get your resume available on the Internet 24 hours per day and 7 days a week world wide. You specify the information you want to display and manage your privacy settings as you like. Once your CV is published, you can choose to reference it on search engines. In a few days, your NetCV can be found on Google, Yahoo and other search engines and recruiters can start finding it.

    With NetCV, we wanted to create an innovative and reliable service for jobseekers on the one hand as well as an flexible and efficient for companies seeking skills on the other. We succeeded.

    Personally, as a NetCV user, my online CV brings me many contacts to develop my business. I do not communicate on my CV, it simply has an extremely good positioning on Google, like any the other NetCVs ;-).
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